The brand TGLAM represents a unique design solutions with forms of temporary design, with forms that embody lightness and freshness. In their cross-section of products, the brand TGLAM represents designer jewellery pieces and fashion accessories TGLAM. The shape of the jeweler portrays the beauty that arises from the tiny elements of everyday life. Nature is the most powerful means of inspiration, all from the sea, mountains, lakes and the spirit of cities. They are giving that flame of infinity and love, where the shapes can be captured in elegance of shine!

Pure forms are full of feelings and are carefully shaped elements that catch its beauty and gives them a meaning. The jewellery is designed with simple lines, simple forms and playful silhouettes of nature and architecture in order to serve its functionality. Elegant lines of rounded or sharp forms embedded in the metal, imprint a sense of immortality into the product. An important note of TGLAM brand is the sophistication and “easy to wear” idea of the jeweler, since TGLAM brand is designed for customers who appreciate the fusion of quality, boldness, uniqueness and comfort. Each piece of jeweler reflects a story, which plots the coherence and consistency of the interpretation of a particular inspiration.

Technical production of the products includes three parameters, which are inseparable in contemporary design. As the basis of each design product is based on thinking about the design, the design itself requires that the product can be labeled as a design product. Thinking about technology, innovative use of materials and the terms of usability. Elaborately designed products give a touch of boldness and diversity.  Jeweler is made with the help of 3D modelling and 3D printing of the prototype in wax.

Finished products are elaborated by hand. The interplay between modern technology and manual processing reflects a modern vision of jeweler making. The jeweler is made of silver of purity 925/000 - Sterling silver. 



INNER DIAMETER: 16,50mm, EU:52 (16,5), US/AUS:6, UK:L, JAPAN:11

INNER DIAMETER: 17,30mm, EU:54 (17,30), US/AUS:7, UK:N, JAPAN: 14

INNER DIAMETER: 18,00mm, EU:57 (18), US/AUS:8, UK:P, JAPAN: 16