Tina Amal is a designer who creates in her own style. There are objects who are full of passion, love and beauty, all forming from life experiences.

She is an industrial and graphic designer who was studying at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2009. Since she can remember she has a strong bond with jewellery. She gets her inspiration from the simple elements, believing that their simplicity is a reflection of beauty. Her designs are geared towards simple design solutions that are noticed and understood. For her the jewellery represents the most stunning and bolder direction of industrial design. At work she follows her instincts, which dictate the stories and sense of aesthetics. She is completely devoted to her work. For Tina the understanding of the processes of design, planning and 3D computer modelling represent the basic processes of creation of modern luxury design product. When establishing the guidelines of a new collection she focuses on standards of industrial and fashion design, as well as concentrating on the chosen theme of everyday life or her personal emotional frame of mind. With her sensual sense ofbeauty and boldness, she translates forms into individual stories, which are a source of inspiration, such as the visions of a modern woman, art and emotional interpretation.

These are the stories that she would like to share with you in order to live their own lives. Jewellery worn on the body of each individual is given a new life.